The secrets of beauty and Power - Fruits and vegetables

>> Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fruits and vegetables are the blessings of God providing human kind with the all necessary vitamins and minerals through them. All humans posses some special kind of physical powers which are due to the presence of the energizers in the body, which are made in the body through the consumption of the fruits and vegetables of different kinds. People consume any of them in some quantity in the day in which the proteins, calcium, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates are present. As mentioned before, the power of the mankind is so essential which is gained through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The green vegetables are considered the energizers; their juice is drunk as the source of killing the bacteria inside the human body. The green juices are the bitterest one; but still are consumed due to the requirement of the physical power. For example as shown in the cartoons, “Popoye the sailor man” eats spinach and get so much power so he defeats the villain. As the children do not prefer to eat spinach so they are motivated to eat spinach so they eat it with great joy with the lust of being powerful. The fruits and the peels of fruits are used to make many of the creams to beautify the skin. It really enriches the skin with a glow. Many of the scrubs like the almond scrub; the cucumber extracts cleanser and the other more beauty products used to give shine to the skin. The fruits are not sufficient that they are used in the cosmetic products and the work to glorify the skin is done but along with that, the consumption of the fruits is also necessary in order to get blemishes on the face naturally. Vegetables and fruits which help in the formation of the blood help to get the skin more beautiful like flower.


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