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>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Mainly the Freezing is very regular and trendy method that most of us use as most people have home freezers that are cheap to run. Advantages of frozen food is that many products can now be bought ready frozen to go straight into your freezer. Even foods that are unsuitable for freezing can be cooked and then frozen and many are prepared so that that defrosting before cooking is also not required making instant meals for busy people. Homemade fresh fruit sorbets are the healthy and delicious equivalent of their evil relative. They don't contain dairy products, unpronounceable chemicals high-fructose corn syrup, refined and processed sugar, animal fat and high amounts of calories and guilt. They do contain fresh fruit and nothing else.

The protection or in other word “Preservation” of food can done in many types other than using appliance like refrigerators and here we will look at some of these option. First let’s ask ourselves a question. Why we do need to preserve food Well simply put food is essentially biological and was at one point alive and just like us when we die we start to degrade or rot. Some foodstuffs are seasonal so if we did not preserve them the majority of food would be wasted as most of it would become ripe to eat at the same time resulting in too much food at this point and none at others. Preservation processes must be none damaging to the food and non toxic to us so this narrows down the options.

As we know that the Pickling is a system of preserving food by creating a chemical reaction which is secure to us but which bacteria are not capable to survive in. There are different ways in which this can be done with the most common ones being the use of vinegar or brine. Brine is produced when fermentation of salted water produces an acid solution. As this is more a chemical system the method tends to change between different foods as foods with more moisture can produce brine much easier than dryer foods.


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