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>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fruits and vegetables are the major constituents of a balanced diet. We must include fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. There are all types of vitamins present in the fruits and vegetables. Such as carrots contain vitamin A which is very important for eye as it prevents night blindness, color blindness and other eye diseases. Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits contain vitamin C which is important for the strength of bones and other body activities. Apple, mango, grapes, banana, pomegranate are enriched with many vitamins and minerals that help in maintaining the blood amount and blood circulation in the body. Green vegetables such as spinach help to regulate other body functions as it maintain blood pressure and sugar level and give strength to the body to perform the daily activities and even more than that. The juices of fruits are equally nutritious, as the orange juice, apple juice, mango shake etc. as it is said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This phrase explain the fact that apple is a fruit that is very essential fruit which is rich in iron and it help in synthesizing hae3moglobin which is the important constituent of the blood and by having an apple daily in the diet we can get rid of many diseases and will have less and less visits to the doctor and hospitals. Citrus fruits are also rich in calcium and other minerals as well which helps the human body to work efficiently. Another important fact about the vegetables and fruits is that the consumption of their excess quantity is not harmful the more we eat the healthier we are. Apart from that they are also not weight-gainers even the weight lifting institutes recommend to eat fruits and vegetables instead of their daily diet or anything else as they will give them the same or even strength which they get from their daily diet.


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