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>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Beginning The purpose of this paper is to present information on how nuts are process, so raw-fooders can make knowledgeable decisions about the purchase and consumption of nuts. Each major nut has a division. The first part describes standard profitable processing practice for that nut. Much of that information comes from Rosengarten with supplementary material from other sources. The next part, labelled "Remarks:", gives information from this writer's understanding. The last part, labelled "Recommendations:", provides the opinions of this writer about the nut.
Viability versus Sproutability The ultimate test of whether a seed is living or not, is its feasibility. whether it will sprout and grow into a new plant. nuts sprout according to nature's schedule, which means that some completely viable nuts are not sproutable (in practical terms) from the raw-fooder perception. macadamia nuts require 30-60+ days to sprout. Even if you could succeed in sprouting in-shell macadamias, the nut might be rancid/rotten by the time the root sprout appeared.
EAT nuts for your heart, brain, and reproductive system -"innate essence" is stored. Zhang Qian information that "warm" energy nuts are specially nice in cold winter.Nuts are a well-known health food and conventional Chinese medicine recommends nuts as part of a healthy diet, particularly in winter as nuts are hot/warm yang energy foods. Eating nuts when it is cold can help strengthen energy, though eating too many nuts in warm weather can cause excessive internal heat.

Nuts are full with vitamins, nutrients, and unsaturated fatty acid and can help support heart health, reduce cancer risk and fight problems of aging, according to Western medicine.
TCM consider nuts particularly good in reinforcing the kidneys (the term for kidneys and the reproductive and urinary systems). Nuts support brain health, sharp idea and usually build up health.All nuts are good for you.


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